peas please

Have not had much luck with peas in the outside garden, and in the greenhouse, barely get enough for salads.  Still, have some packages of Oregan sugar snap, so cleaned out a section of the outside garden, created a spiral with some wire fencing, and planted them.  will see what happens.

All that snow was great, and my hoops held the row cover up and off the lettuce, spinach, chard, and broccoli.

In the other bed, it looks like about 54 garlic plants are coming up.  In the onion bed, there is a mix of onions, including the budding tops from some Egyptian Walking Onions.  Dug up some of those bunches and separated them into separate bulbs in the garden.  Some will get harvested in the clumps they are and used like scallions.  That will also make room for the other single bulbs to expand.  The shallots do their thing a little differently and can’t be separated at this stage. So will let them go and harvest them in clumps to separate and plant singley in the fall.

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