have started another blog,  eotwawki2.wordpress.com.  a little more about what’s happening around the homestead.

thoughts and ramblings

The end of the world as we know it has already happened. It’s not a going to be thing, it’s here.  But there’s still a lot of the old world around, and time for making the changes.  This first blog is how I came to become what some call “preppers”, and subsequent ones will be comments on what I’m doing, ideas along the way, and just sort of “thinking out loud”.

Someone told me they were concerned about the children of “preppers” growing up with these fears and paranoia of something going to happen.  This obviously from a person who doesn’t think there is going to be a radical change in our lives over the next decade or so, or maybe just doesn’t know what to do about it and so ignores it.

Which got me thinking, maybe MY feelings on the subject are based on the government’s teaching me to “duck…

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