Garlic keeping

Around here I grow two types of garlic; Persian star which is the first one I tried and it did well.  Then I tried Sisiskyu Purple.  Now when last years was harvested, though the Sisiskyu (is that spelled right?) were kinda small. Then realized that the bulbs had just 4 or so really big cloves with no center core.  Good flavor too.

Well a year has gone by and have never mastered the keeping of whole cloves of garlic for a full season.  6 months yes, but not a full year.

So I clean the cloves and store them in olive oil, in a jar, in the fridge.  And, usually make a big bottle of garlic, basil, olive oil which is my major holiday gift.

Well, the Persian star is fine for that use.  But not the Sisiskyu purple.  It tastes off somehow, not tasty and pleasant.

So now I know, the Sisiskyu gets used immediately and the persian star is for making all the other stuff, including the jars that sit in the fridge until next June.

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