Garden Update

Here, it is said that when the mesquite bud, all danger of frost has passed.  Well the mesquite are in leaf about a month earlier than the last two years!  The greenhouse is full of good stuff, as you can see.

Untitled (2)Trying a Topsy Turvy planter this year. Have heard mixed reviews on them, the most common being they are only good for a couple of years.  At $10 a pop, that’s not good enough. But am always trying to grow more in the little space I have, so when the local ACE had two at a close out price of $1.99, it was a good time to try them. This is a Roma tomato plant in this one.  We can get some real whipping winds, and don’t want to see what happens to an indeterminate tomato vine when the gusts hit 30+!

Did also pick up a couple of lettuce seedlings. Put them in a planter like the one at the bottom of the shelves shown above, and then put them outside in the garden area.  obviously, have got to get to these in the greenhouse soon, and then can consume those planted in the garden a few weeks ago, and by then, the ones planted yesterday should be ready.  Also planted about a 1/2 dozen chard in a planter, to the right, out of the picture.  Will finish the plants wintered over from last year in here and use the pots for some of these tomatoes and pepper seedlings.

Yesterday also FINALLY split my comfrey plants.  Now I need to go transplant my squash seedlings into larger pots.

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