April 27, planting update

Weather is back to being warmer than usual.  At least it is the warmest spring since starting a garden.  Being busy this year, decided to use store bought seedlings to supplement my late from seed.  There are 12 roma tomato plants out there at least 12″ tall, while my seedlings are just starting to sprout their real leaves!  Same with peppers, eggplants, etc.

Today put my squash out of their six packs into larger pots.  Want to wait about 2 – 3 more weeks before putting them into the ground.  Did plant a yellow plum tomato, a double Brandywine tomato plant, 2 Dusky Eggplant. Never tried this variety before.  usually do Black Beauty, and there are a couple of seedlings out there for later planting.  Did also put in two sweet Red Bell Pepper plants in a grow bag.  Covered all with a frost blanket for tonight, just in case.

For some reason am not wearing my garden gloves.  Have several pairs, but nothing beats getting dirt under the nails.

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1 Response to April 27, planting update

  1. Karen says:

    It sounds like you are going to have a very nice garden. Good luck with your growing season.

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