updates in the garden

IMG_0990 (800x600)The new shade cloth arrived this week.  bought an 8×8’ piece of 50%, edged, with grommets (only on the corners).  It covers enough of the main garden to fill in the space left by the too short main cloth. dropped the temps right down.  Should have gone with a 10 x 8, but its all good.

IMG_0991 (800x600)From the other end. mister system is in, but needs a little tweeking. still, works just fine and will be additional cooling when the heat comes on.  our last frost date is May 15 and we used it the last two years.  This year, we’ve already hit 90  and more on the way.  Alliums to the left of the frame and looking good.  Used the last of the broccoli last night, have to pull those plants.  Only a few lettuce plants left too.

IMG_0992 (600x800)Two 11 gallon grow bags in the greenhouse with beans.  Top Crop. they were small, but mighty producers. kept going all season.  Potato grow bag in front of that, with some nice red potatoes doing their thing.

IMG_0993 (600x800)The new zuchinni corral. Emerald City, first time I’ve grown this variety.  6 big containers in there.

IMG_0994 (800x600)Looking inside.  got them all wet when I watered, never a good idea with squash. discovered my hose just wasn’t quite long enough. added a 4’ extension and should be good for the rest of the season to water UNDER the leaves.

IMG_0995 (800x600)in the foreground is the bed for the Nangua (winter squash, aka Chinese pumpkin) and will also have the bush zucchini (cocozelle).  The bush zucchini is great producer early in the season, but by the time the plants have reached the viney stage, they are not really giving any fruit. That’s when the regular zucchini kicks in.  and by the time the Cocozelle is done, the Nangua will be taking over the space.  As this is at the back fence, have put in a bit of fencing and some other distractions to hopefully keep the javelina and deer from getting too close.  won’t be doing containers in that space like am doing with the main garden. That has a 6’ fence, this is only about 3’.  Anything that gets past that is fair game. am willing to share some with the wildlife.  There is a row of up and coming cactus out there, but it will take a few years to be an effective deterrent.

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