IMG_0998harvested oregano this AM as I’m finally getting to planting my spaghetti squash seedlings. have at least twice this still out there. think I’ll be giving away oregano this spring

IMG_0999three books that I bought and am not using, referencing, or anything else. So before they go to the thrift or something similar, figure I’d toss them out here. the two homesteading books are really sort of everything you will, should, and want to know if you want to become more self-reliant in your life style. they do cover a lot of similar stuff, they also each touch on unique topics.  The one with the white cover seemed to have very little “how to”, just this is all the stuff you need to know. The one in the middle has more instruction.  The greenhouse book is for someone in real serious greenhouse mode, which I am not.  Also, other climates than desert southwest (unless I want to get into serious all greenhouse growing). Will ship media mail in the US. anyone overseas, please be prepared to pay the postage.

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