another garden update

IMG_1000yesterday took out a lot of the oregano and some of the dill from this spot and planted 5 of the 6 spaghetti squash seedlings.  Also ate the penultimate spaghetti squash from last year’s harvest.

IMG_1001seedling 6 of the spaghetti squash ended up in this container, next to the roma tomatoes. also brought the basil out of the greenhouse, and its down on the other end.  Can’t be seen from here, but put 4 anaheim seedlings in a grow bag next to the comfrey, which is behind the basil.

IMG_1002Still some lettuce and chard in this bed, but have planted 5 of the six seedlings of Heirloom striped roma tomato.  Unlike regular Roma, this is an indeterminate plant.  good producer, nice size fruit, good for eating in salad or sandwich, as well as treating like a regular cooking roma.  the 6th seedling ended up in the little space where I’d tried to grow canteloupe last year.

IMG_1003this is the other end of that bed.  pulled all the spinach and most of the chard, planting 4 eggplant seedlings plus the two (purchased)  that were already here . Also planted 4 orange tomato seedlings.  These are from a plant that had been gifted to me last year.  Good solid eating tomato.  saved seeds and planted seedlings for this year. do not know if it is a determinate or indeterminate, it was in a pot last year.

IMG_1004puchased red sweet pepper seedlings, already bearing fruit

IMG_1005here is where I’d planted peas.  this is self seeding calendula. The peas have been eaten down to the ground.  Never do have luck with them.

IMG_1006The two romas in grow bags, still in the greenhouse and doing well.

IMG_1007green beans in grow bags behind a healthy potato plant, also in a grow bag, in the greenhouse.

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