IMG_1008 (800x600)the onions are starting to fall over, the garlic is starting to get brown

IMG_1009 (800x600)looks like there will be some good size onions this year

IMG_1010 (800x600)the persian star garlic is beginning to form scapes, although you’d never know it by this picture

IMG_1011 (800x600)this is the Siskiyou purple. it doesn’t form scapes, nor does it form bulbs like the others.  The cloves are best described as being in line with each other, instead of around  central core.  it’s a good tasting garlic, but doesn’t do well preserved in oil.

IMG_1012 (800x600)These are supposed to be shallots, but are forming the same type of tops as the Egyptian Walking Onions.  a little different than the ones I have, so will keep them separated.  there are also some little baby shoots in the bags which I’ll put aside for the fall planting also.

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