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dill and roma

have begun harvesting the self seeded dill to dry.  leaving a couple of plants out there to seed for another harvest, but making space for the spaghetti squash to get planted.  Did put the Loofa (Luffa) in on the west … Continue reading

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garden Tools

From another blog came a recommendation for Red Pig Tools in oregon (  In checking out their web page, realized that I’ve very few tools and way too many pairs of gardening gloves.  Why?  cause the gloves get pulled off … Continue reading

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updates in the garden

The new shade cloth arrived this week.  bought an 8×8’ piece of 50%, edged, with grommets (only on the corners).  It covers enough of the main garden to fill in the space left by the too short main cloth. dropped … Continue reading

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when there is no doctor

This is a good book for those of us who want to take on more responsibility for our personal health care.  and its about being prepared.  intended for an “end of the world as we know it” scenerio, that could … Continue reading

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