IMG_1018the weather has been actually pretty decent, although DRY DRY DRY!  other than a few really hot days a couple of weekends ago, the garden has been staying around 95F for a high with a 40-45F for the morning low.  yesterday the wind was high, which also kept the temps comfortable out there, but wanted to try to mister system and see if it made a difference.  Even with the wind blowing the water around, it dropped the temp about 5 degrees in 10 minutes, which says, it will do its job if and when needed.

How DRY is DRY DRY DRY?  Since before Christmas, we’ve had exactly two storms. both brought a little snow.  But even with the 12 inches we had during one of those, it means less than 2” of water in about 7 months.  And not everyone around here got that much.

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