IMG_1055 (800x600)Have now harvested all the garlic.  This is the Persian Star variety which has become my standby.   Decent keeper, and has good flavor after a winter in the fridge in oil, which the Siskiyou purple does not.  Some will be given away, some will be processed for storage thru the winter, and some will just get used. YUM

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2 Responses to GARLIC!!

  1. Nice work on the Garlic! It is neat to read someones’ experiance in an envoiroment so differant than mine. I have a hard time with root veggies so good on you!

    • morgaineotm says:

      In a lot of places, garlic is supposed to be ready to harvest in the fall, the year after it was planted. IE, october to October . . . we’ve had such high heat, my usual July harvest is done and the heads are not as big as I’d like. Sigh. we can all only try.

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