new garden area

Our house sits to the back of its lot, with a certain amount of native planting between it and the back fence.  The back fence separates the property from the National Forest.  Amidst these bushes, trees, and shrubs are small barren patches.  The largest is the area directly behind the house where the main veggie garden and greenhouse are located.  On the other side of the fence, behind the main veggie garden, is a temporary fenced area for containers. Actually, all the in ground plots are just large containers, lined with pavers to keep burrowing critters from coming up into the garden

IMG_1047 (600x800)With the success of this second garden area, the long thin bed, combined with this years Zucchini corral, Jim suggested we do the same in another barren spot to the east of the property

IMG_1046 (600x800)This bit edges our neighbor’s property, at level with their garage.  Rather than put in another in ground container, decided to create a raised bed, using a couple of pallets, then creating a base, a frame, and a liner of landscaping material. it will take some time to fill, but hopefully, will have it ready for planting alliums in the fall. Otherwise, it will get something else.

IMG_1048 (800x600)The first pallet in place, the ground raked level, and three grow bags with potatoes in place.  Ultimately a temporary fence will surround this to keep it safe from rabbits and the little ground squirrels.  Am thinking, that with this extra space, will ultimately have the room to actually grow some corn . . . .

This is Casey, the neighbor’s great pyranees.  An incredibly friendly dog, she’s huge, has a tendancy to jump and will go crazy everytime I’m working in the garden, just as she did this morning.  All she wants is attention and I try to give her as much as I can

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One Response to new garden area

  1. drjeff7 says:

    We just expanded our garden as well.

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