cherry time again!

IMG_1058 (600x800)IMG_1064 (800x600)Yesterday hand pitted about 8 lbs of cherries.  Its only once a year (if there are good cherries), so haven’t bothered getting a cherry pitter.  When in the midst of the marathon session with knife and cherries, always consider it. They really aren’t too expensive.  Then decide for use once a year, can live without another gadget.  Until once again in the midst of the marathon cherry pitting session. . . . . canned the cherries, as I do all my fruit, without sugar.  Had the few that were left over from this batch of 15 half pints with my breakfast granola and yogurt.

IF, perchance, there should be a sale on cherries (last year bought none cause they were never below $4/lb!, this year they are hovering around $2.50/lb.  Have seen peak of season prices get to 99c/lb) will get a few more lbs for drying.

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