tomato update

IMG_1069 (600x800)Despite its size, this Brandywine has produced no fruit to date.  Lots of flowers, but not a single tomato starting to show

IMG_1070 (600x800)right next to the brandywine is this yellow plum tomato.  have already had a couple of little snacks in the early AM.  and as you can see, plenty coming right along

IMG_1071 (600x800)Hard to see how many are on these Roma plants, and each of them in the garden are loaded like these are.   The ones in the Topsy Turvy are doing okay, but it is sooooo hot in the greenhouse that the growth is slow and limited.  Also see one of the planters is already starting to separate!

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2 Responses to tomato update

  1. SaraC says:

    Have you ever tried hand-pollinating? I was so advised by a gardener after I complained about my heirloom tomato failing to set fruit. Turns out some heirloom flowers are often more difficult to pollinate. I used a little watercolor paint brush and just . . . well . . . diddled each open flower and boom! Within days I noticed the flowers were converting into fruit stalks. Try it!

  2. morgaineotm says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. Am usually out there in the beginning of the season with my feather, particularly before the pollinators show up. Due to heat, and being behind in my gardening, they were out in force, and didn’t think it was necessary. But you’re right, time to get back on it!

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