Who’s been eating in my bed?

IMG_1067 (600x800)After eating all the eggplant in the west bed, whoever, whatever, moved to eat my newly sprouted beans in the east bed!  Planted what seeds I had left of Top Crop, and created a bean corral.  First time have had this happen, though should not be surprised.  Its been wicked hot and the creatures are willing to go that extra mile for something to eat.  had left them lettuce and chard, going to seed, but still fresh and good. No, they had to have the new seedlings of green beans!

IMG_1068 (600x800)This is what is left of the onions to be harvested.  Was going to wait for a couple more weeks while the green beans grew.  Looks like I’ll be moving that plan along, so I can get a planting in  time to harvest for this season!

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