More blossom end rot

This time on Zucchini!  Started out fine, but have pulled off a number of fruit now with the problem.  First thought was inadequate fertilization, which may be part of the problem.  this morning, when out there with my fertilizing feather, found very little pollen on the male flowers!  and I mean, LITTLE!  The feather is black and there were just a few spcks of yellow to be seen regardless of which flower I went to.  Will also start applying the calcium spray product that I got for my tomatoes on the zuchinni as well.  Fortunately, with so many plants, have no dearth for the veggie, but this is the first time have had this problem with either Zukes or Tomatoes.  Think it has something to do with the heat and the amount of water am forced to give the plants because of it.  At least the solution is easy.



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