making jam

With strawberries still at under $1/lb and cherries at $1.27/lb decided to try making jam.  Usually, just can the fruit without any sweeteners to be used as needed and wanted in the future.  Then made some strawberry/blueberry with a little sugar as a topping for cheesecake.  So why not the next stage?  Doesn’t the market have pectin on sale! so the shelves were nearly bare!  and they only had the regular stuff.  Well, will say right now, this isn’t going to work because that stuff needs A LOT of sugar!  6 to 7 cups!!!!  At 3 the mix is about as sweet as I can stand it.  Beyond that, its sugar with fruit, not the other way around.  So doubt that it will thicken enough to be satisfying as jam.  Did nearly 5 pints consisting of 6 lbs of strawberries with a 12oz package of blueberries that weren’t being eaten.  And today did another 5 lbs (before pitting) of cherries.  That makes a total of 8 lbs of cherries that have been pitted and canned!!!!  Oh well.  Its been an interesting experiment and my hat is off to the people who do this out of necessity!  How many jars do you really have to set aside for your year+ for  your household!!!

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