rain and chili

A good all day soaker. and do I wish I had some water butts!  With the size of our roof, could save thousands of gallons . . .

So am making a batch of chili with some of my too hot egyptian/walking onions. They are so small it took about 2 dozen.  and finishing up last year’s garlic. About 6 pounds of fresh ground beef and pork, the onions, garlic, 3 cans of commercial tomatoes, pepper, salt, chili powder, and 2 pints of beans.  WAY WAY WAY too much garlic.  So rummaged through the freezer and found a couple of packages of meat from 2010 that I’ll thaw and grind tomorrow to extend the chili and dilute the garlic.    Yes, there is some canning in my future.  a cool weekend is a good time to get it done, so its ready during a busy winter season.

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