of composters

Living in a suburban community in the desert an open bin composter system doesn’t work very well.  Difficult to keep moist, and attracts the critters (which attract other critters!) that the neighbors don’t always appreciate.  This is a Compact Compos Tumbler which was purchased for nearly $300 in 2009. Sadly, it has started to rust out.  The company has a five year warranty and is sending out a repair kit that will contain all the metal panels and bits.

IMG_1102 (600x800)Don’t know if you can see it from this view, the along where these two metal pieces join, has started to rust right through.

IMG_1103 (600x800)The front panel is off here and lying to the side.  It has two plastic “breather” openings that I’m supposed to save to reattach to the new kit.  Am not sure if I can.  It looks like the plastic has become so brittle it is breaking.

Emptied the bin this AM.  The replacement bits are on their way, and since my other black plastic bin is nearly full, need to get this ready to start a new load.  When this one was closed down a few months ago it was packed solid.  Each week I’d water it (we had no rain for MONTHS!) and turn it.  Just pulled out about 4 cubit feet of compost that went into the new raised bed.  There will a different post on that.

This bin is a bit large for a family of 2, even with a decent size garden.  It takes a long time to fill.  Used to have the neighbors bring me their wastes but they weren’t as careful as we were and they’d throw in avacados (seeds and skins – the skins take YEARS to break down) as well as corn husks, and other interesting objects and labels. I’m guilt too. Found the stainless potato peeler I’ve been looking for awhile.

Also, note, that those compostable “plastic” bags aren’t!  Again, years and finally have pulled them out and thrown them away.

While liking its height, Think that nearly $300 for only 6 years of use is a bit much.  That is based on the panels rusting out after 3.  Of course, by then I’ll have seen how long my other has lasted.  Next round may just replace it with a dual section one.

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