poor potato harvest

IMG_1109 (800x600)Originally had three planters of potatoes in the greenhouse, two in bags and this hard container.  Excessive heat took its toll, some leaf curl, and then hornworms devastated them.  saw some new growth coming back on the plants so left them. One bag was absolutely NOT coming back and emptied that to find NO, NADA, NOTHING.  Have planted another sprouting potato in that one.  The second bag was coming back, and then got devastated by another hornworm.  Will probably empty it tomorrow and see if anything is happening. If not, will plant another sprouting potato. This container has a potato visible on the surface! Not sure if its really visible in the photo, but hope this is a sign of a good harvest to come from this container.  Still, over all, pretty poor performance.

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One Response to poor potato harvest

  1. Little Sis says:

    I’m afraid to dig up my potatoes. Not a great year I don’t think.

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