raised bed kit

This is the Lifetime raised bed kit.  A total of 8 panels, molded plastic, snap together.  Mounted on a couple of pallets, with an aluminum bit over that.  The aluminum bit was originally ordered for the front of our flat bed trailer to offer protection from flying road debris when we towed our car.  Didn’t like the design or stability so its been laying in the yard for years.  it was then covered with some landscape cloth, the frame assembled and put on top of that.  Since there is no base to this kit, it was then lined with landscape cloth again and have been filling it with dirt.

IMG_1108 (800x600)The original design of this is for either two 4’x4’ x 9” beds, or one 4’x4’x18”, the option I chose.  With the added height of the pallets, this entire thing is over 20” tall and will be nice to work with rather than having to bend over to the ground level beds.  On the other hand, loading in the soil has been hard work!  Yesterday put in 4 x 2 cu foot bags of potting soil.  This morning emptied my big composter. This bed is many feet up and around from where my composter sits.  Figure it was at least 4 more cu feet of soil and that has about filled it half way.  Today will get some more potting soil for it and then will plant the four bush zucchini seedlings that are sitting in the greenhouse.  Later in the season, will finish filling this and then plant my onions and garlic for the winter.

There is more to the platform than is covered with the raised bed and have containers with eggplant up there.  Also have a bag of potatoes and some bush beans in containers up here too.

Wonder if I should get a small composter for putting up here and just keep that in the area for the refuse from this small garden.

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