massive update

hiding inside from the still ongoing oppressive heat that is the southwest this year.  Can’t call the garden a failure, but it sure could have been better.

Mostly its about the tomatoes.  My indeterminates are not much more than 3 0r 4 feet tall, when they should have been twining up and over and around everything by now, laden with fruit.  The brandywines are starting to ripen.  The yellow plum’s, small ones, should be all over the place instead of ripening one a week.  One of the unknown orange that had been shared last year as an hairloom is producing fruit that look like romas!  will they be orange romas?!?!  My heirloom striped romas are FINALLY producing fruit, despite numerous attempts to fertilize

Think the problem that produces blossom end rot, also produces lower pollen levels.  Many of my ssquash flowers had negligable pollen when I tried to hand fertilize the flowers.

With the monsoon rains, the garden perked up, then another two weeks of heat and sun and everything went back into stasis.

The exception is the new area on the east side. This garden area gets early morning and afternoon sun, but not the bakng late day stuff.  So far, its been doing well.  Of course a couple of days ago we had big hail and a quick drenching.  All the squash will have that grey fungus now which makes  them look like they are dying, rather than growing.

Today have roasted two batches of Romas and peeled them for the freezer.  peeled abut 3 dozen onions for the dehydrator. Enough spaghetti squash that I’m starting to fill my second basket.  By this time last year had close to two baskets full, plus we’d been eating and giving away.  Still fruit on the vine though. Need to check the beans. Second year that Basil has been questionable.  All the potatoes in the greenhouse seemed to have cooked right where they sat and produced no fruit.  Well, one might have.  There is another bag over in that east area.  Some eggplant are producing over there too.

The Luffa vine is finally flowering, but there is probably not enough time to produce fruit.  next year may grow that in the greenhouse, it supposedly needs heat and sun.  Think it was a tad too shady where I had it.  it also took a long time to get over a few feet tall. Then it took off!

The heat has kept me from doing more garden work than I’d hve liked.  Walking the dog every morning gets me home too late to work in the morning cool.  So the parts for repairing the composter just sit, along with other things I’d wanted to do.

On another note, FINALLY have a new desk.  am working on a 4′ folding picnic table that is really unsatisfactory.  Found an oak veneer desk in the thrift. REAL oak veneer, about 1/8″ thick on plywood, with solid oak trim pieces.  Not a high end computer table, but not a dirt cheap one originally either.  $18 cause it had seen better days.  So have spent a number of days and some other $$ refinishing it.  Just put the last layer of polyurethane on it this AM.  That was coat 4.  Didn’t really need that 4th, but there was just this little bit left in the can.  It had one of those pull out shelves for the keyboard, but took that out and removed the brackets.  Making it into a shelf for one the desk to hold the computer and will be able to slide the keyboard and mouse under it.  For legs, found some Ikea candle holders; look like small, heavy glass bowls. Goodwill, just 99c/pair. 4 pair and glued the wide top edges together and the narrow bottom to the board.  will put some cork on the other end so it doesn’t just slide across and off the desk top.  It certainly doesn’t look new, but it looks an aweful lot better than it did when I brought it home.

Have decided that next year want morning glories and moonflowers around the garden. for no reason other than my own pleasure.

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