Wonder dog

This is Stormy.  She’s an Australian Blue heeler and supposedly boxer mix.  10.5 years old, we rescued her a little more than  10 years ago from the Sedona shelter.  She is a wonderful companion, even if she does behave more like a whiny 5 year old than a dog.

IMG_1118 (600x800)Stormy does weigh in at 90+lbs. and it is muscle.  But she has slowed down in the last few years.  In 2006 a morning walk of 2 miles was considered short, usually opting for something between 3 and 4.5 miles each morning, plus smaller walks during the day. She loves to eat, is very vocal, and not a little pushy.  When she wants to do something different than your intention, she will sulk, dig in her heels, and wait for you to do it her way.  if she still cannot get her way, she gives the LOOK. that is the communication that says “you never let me do what I want”. She sleeps on the bed, but these days we lift her off rather than her jumping down with all that weight on those skinny front legs.  Yes, we could put her on a diet, but she really really really wouldn’t like it.

She does not like to ride in cars, hates the water; not even wanting to walk through a puddle. She always wants to meet the new dogs in town, although she’s about 50/50 between total disdain of them, or sounding very vicious against their presence. Loves people, always wanting to know who’s walking by, who’s talking in the next yard, who has a radio on.  When she comes up to you, all waggy tail, you are not allowed to touch.

This morning, she spotted a young buck and did a quick start and a couple of steps like she would chase it. then came back to the trail.  When we first got her a quick dash of 1/2 a mile after a deer was just a romp, and she’d trot back wanting to do it again. That was then, and this is now.  that reminded me of how much we have all changed over the last decade.

A couple of things that have not changed; total jealousy of any other creature coming into this house and major separation anxiety.  This is one of the few pictures I’ve been able to take of her.  usually, as soon as she sees the camera she moves away or turns her head. Shows how much she’s slowed down.

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2 Responses to Wonder dog

  1. Charlie b. says:

    She’s cute! We have an Australian Cattledog (aka a blue heeler). His name is Jack and he’s 13. He has a lot of the same qualities you mentioned – loves to eat, is very vocal about what he wants, and I don’t think there’s been one person he hasn’t liked. He’s also slowed down, and walks are at a much slower pace now, but he’s still crazy about running after his ball… They are such smart dogs and great companions, but they do need the room to run since they’re so active. Hope to see more photos of Stormy!

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