yesterday FINALLY started some seeds for fall planting.  At least two weeks late, but that’s how it is.  Its still plenty warm, but the day length is short enough to show in how things are growing (or not).  The tomatoes are SLOOOOOOOWLY ripening.  Anyway, yesterday put out seeds for three kinds of lettuce, chard, spinach, broccoli and sweet onions.

See some self seeded chard in the garden which I’ll probably pull, pot up, so they can be planted in a different bed later.

Now that I’ve expanded the garden, and my knowledge, will be moving back to planting pole beans next year.   With the limited space i had (and inexperience) pole beans weren’t getting planted until there was some space from other harvests. By the time they had beans, it was freeze season!  Am not happy with the amount of space bush beans take up, and this year’s harvest has been pitiful!  So next year, pole beans it is.

also shopping for a small freezer for handling the extra crops as they come available.  had to clean out my freezer over the weekend and was able to organize what I’ve got from this year, which is about 12 frozen zukes in chunks, 2 grated.  Also put up some canned zukes with tomatoes this AM, 8 pints with about 8 zukes, some tomatoes, onion, and garlic. Wanted to have some dried also.  But we’ve eaten well, given some away, and over all had a good year with them, despite losing so many to blossom end rot.

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