While checking on the plants this AM, after heavy wind and rain yesterday, found a bee sitting on a leaf so covered in pollen that I was wondering if it could fly!  Of course, did not have my camera in hand, so ran back into the house to get it and on my return, it was gone  Sad smile

IMG_1123 (800x600)So am posting this shot of that new raised bed created in August. This is it with 4 Cocozelle plants (bush zucchini). have harvested a number of fruit from it and there’s more out there.

IMG_1124 (800x600)Finally, my second possible Nangua. This is a winter squash also known as Chinese Pumpkin.  Don’t know if it has gotten fertilized, and even if it has, will there be enough time before frost for this to develop?

IMG_1125 (800x600)What’s left of the Zucchini corral. 6 five gallon pots that held zucchini.  Good yields. would have been better if it hadn’t been for blossom end rot.  Still producing, albeit weakly.

IMG_1126 (800x600)Also coming into things late, Luffa (Loofa).  Supposedly, at this stage they are edible, like zukes.  Will see what happens in the next 4-5 weeks!

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