almost fall

while the day time temps are still hitting upper 80’s and low 90’s here at 4500 feet, the night time temps are dipping down to low 50’s, upper 40’s.  That’s proving to be a little too cool for some of the plants.  Tomatoes are still ripening, albeit slowly.

IMG_1133 (600x800)There are more anaheims out there, but pulled these from one plant that was overshadowing the others, and keeping them from ripening.  Why buy a ristra when  you can make one?

IMG_1134 (800x600)pulled the bush bean plants and found all these beans in there, even though I’ve been picking every day!  Another reason to go to pole beans!  Probably the last zuchinni although there are a couple more trying, and one seed zuke.  Since the composter is full of bean plants, will let the zukes sit out a while longer until there’s more space.  This is the only Nangua to date.  Another is out there, but it may have formed too late to ripen before the frost.  Still, leaving it and giving it the chance.

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