new sewing machine

Wish that I still had my mom’s old cast iron singer portable – electric, not foot pedal.  Even so, that thing would sew through anything.  And that was the problem, it was a little tough on the finer fabrics.  So purchased a singer stylist some 35 years ago that did basic stitches like straight, reverse, zigzag, and buttonholes.  It wasn’t working well anymore and the shop couldn’t get it to perform either, so picked up (used of course) a slightly more modern one but that broke pretty much immediately.  So bit the bullet and went for a new machine.  Didn’t really need anything this fancy, straight stitches will do just about all I need.  But to get something that seemed to have some lasting power, it was fancy stitches or nothing.  and a computerized geegaw was not in the plans.  But this Singer 160 anniversary model sure is purty!  and its also heavy so its not jiggling all over the table when sewing.  Like the removable table so I can have a large flat area when sewing long seams, or remove it for a smaller free arm.  The automatic needle threader is a big bonus!It also does reverse stitching which not all the machines do anymore.

IMG_1137 (800x600)IMG_1138 (800x600)

Yes, Singer is made in China like everyone else these days and they are no longer bulletproof.  What this machine is, though, is made in Singapore in the same factory that makes Pfaff and Viking.  lets hope that’s a good thing.

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