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planting the alliums

Got the garlic planted, this afternoon, the onions.  Less garlic than usual, going for quality over quantity.  That means fewer, larger heads, rather than many smaller ones.

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some harvest notes

After a low of 35F early Saturday (the 13th of October) morning, we’ve been back into the 80’s for our highs and mid 40’s for our morning lows.  This may change next week, but right now, we’re enjoying the extra … Continue reading

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garden notes for 2013

Have been given some hopi corn, small eared stuff, but really pretty, and would like to try growing some.  Also, since the original “shallots that I’d bought a couple of years ago have turned out not to be, bought some … Continue reading

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fall planting

While the weather is nice and mild, it won’t stay that way for ever.  Put in the hoops yesterday and got the covers ready.  These metal pieces are designed to be either a low hoop (too low to be much … Continue reading

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still tomatoes

Here it is, the 7th of October and still harvesting tomatoes.  for the Romas, I cut them, seed them, roast them, and then peel.  Into the freezer they go to wait until the end of season and they’re all ready … Continue reading

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end of season update

Daytime temps still high here. Nights dropping into the 50’s, but by mid-day its nearly 90.  Have pulled out most of the zuchinni and squash as that is all done.  Tomatoes are being fooled and starting new growth with flowers … Continue reading

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