end of season update

Daytime temps still high here. Nights dropping into the 50’s, but by mid-day its nearly 90.  Have pulled out most of the zuchinni and squash as that is all done.  Tomatoes are being fooled and starting new growth with flowers thinking its spring.  The warm days are also helping the green tomatoes out there to ripen, albeit slowly.  Yesterday roasted a tray of romas.  Am always reading how people grow all these tomatoes and make all this stuff.  Doesn’t happen here!  Of course, the round with blossom end rot set me back on my roma harvest.  But even so, they don’t come in all at once, there are still some out there on the vines.  and my heirloom striped romas, which are meaty and sweet are an indeterminate. Any way, my techinique is to take a batch of ripe tomatoes, cut them in half, seed them and roast.  A little oil and seasoning can be added if desired.  When they edges are just starting to crisp a little, pull them out and cool.  Really easy to peel and the remains get frozen.

Yesterday’s tray yielded nearly a pound of peeled and seeded tomato; that same pound was only about 8oz in volume!  Will take a lot of tomatoes to make the years worth of sauce, much less for ketchup or other things.  Do have 8 pints of tomato and zuchinni canned already.

Am not sure how many bags of zuchinni have frozen.  probably a couple of dozen in chunks and 2 of shredded.

There was never a big sale on blueberries this year, so my stock on them is a bit low.

Have left one anaheim pepper plant out there with a couple of peppers on it.  Everything else was harvest and the plants pulled.  Have two small ristras in the house.  One has all turned red and is slowly drying. The other is doing both; drying as they turn red.

One bed has been cleaned out, getting ready for planting lettuces, chard, broccoli, etc.  Want to add a little compost in there first.

Was given 8 shallow but large rubber basins.  They are probably close to 24″ in diameter and 9″ or so deep.  Will put holes in their bases and use them for planting things like beans next summer.  Thinking also some cabbages. maybe make a little sauerkraut next year.  Would like to get plenty of beans going though, again, something I can freeze for the winter season.

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