fall planting

IMG_1142 (600x800)IMG_1143 (600x800)While the weather is nice and mild, it won’t stay that way for ever.  Put in the hoops yesterday and got the covers ready.  These metal pieces are designed to be either a low hoop (too low to be much good from my experience last year – at least with as wide as my beds are).  They also come with a connector that makes them twice as long, so quite high.  Too high I think.  Too much airspace when trying to keep things covered and warm.  So I folded them over and lashed them together to make something lower than, but higher.  It also makes them a bit stronger and for the width of my garden, “squarer”.  Since the bed is backed with fencing, put the frost cover in so when needed, it just has to be pulled over and clipped into place.

This morning planted chard in the far end, then broccoli, and lettuces for the rest.  Chard will be in for two years, hence at the end.

Now, to clear out the big 4×4 “pot” and get it ready for planting the garlic and onions.  Also, time to drill holes in those big round pans and get them ready for lettuce in the greenhouse

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