garden notes for 2013

Have been given some hopi corn, small eared stuff, but really pretty, and would like to try growing some.  Also, since the original “shallots that I’d bought a couple of years ago have turned out not to be, bought some bulbs at the health food store and will give them a try in the garden.  Even if just one grows, it will get me started.  Then someone piqued my interest on trying carrots again. So the plan so far is:

In the new area to the east with the 4×4 raised bed, will put some potatoes in bags on pallets in the spring.  This weekend will plant my garlic, onion sets, and shallots in the raised bed.  When those are done mid-summer, will go with some carrots for a fall crop

In the long bed on the south side of the property that grew zuchinni this year, will put my Roma tomatoes.  Have a new plastic row cover with built in hoops.  A soaker hose, some water bottles or water teepees, and that row cover should let me get a really early jump on the season if its cool.  Will keep the zuchinni corral right where it was this year and will create a pole bean one next to it.    Both will be in containers.

The main garden, east bed will have the early spring plants like lettuce, chard, broccoli, etc and then will go to tomatoes. Nangua down low, its not the climber some of them are.  The west bed will have a section set out for the corn, some beans and more squash, probably spaghetti squash as its more of a climber, a bit of three sisters.   The container area will get peppers, basil, eggplants, and I’ll probably try sweet potato greens again also.  The Loofa will stay in the greenhouse

Will also try some Kale in either the early spring or next fall.  What we buy in the store is tough, as is the chard.  Keep my chard picked small so it stays tender.  Kale will probably be the same.  May also try to do some cabbage in containers.  Have lots of containers now, just have to make sure I keep them well sorted by use – short fat ones for beans, cabbage. tall ones for eggplant, peppers, the loofa, and squash.

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