some harvest notes

After a low of 35F early Saturday (the 13th of October) morning, we’ve been back into the 80’s for our highs and mid 40’s for our morning lows.  This may change next week, but right now, we’re enjoying the extra days for tomato ripening.  Roasted another batch of Roma’s today.  Think there may be at most one more. but who knows?

Time to start canning soups, and tonight am making potato leek.  Got a nice leak at the new health food store in town, and started that with some Siskiyou purple garlic, oil, potatoes, and some chicken/turkey stock from the last two birds I roasted.  ** when I roast any meat or poultry, put water in the roasting pan to keep the oven humid and to keep the drippings from sticking to the pan.  This makes a thick, rich stock that gets put in the fridge to separate the fat**  Am fortunate enough that between my mom and my mom-in-law, inherited two sets of Revere ware, along with some that I’d purchased myself.  That gives me TWO 8 quart stock pots.  But for a big lot like this, use my 10 quart stainless.  It was a cheap stainless pot, very thin walled.  So use a “simmerMat” under it.  This gives that extra metal thickness at the base.  Use it for making jams and preserves, its great for making yogurt.  keeps everything from burning.  Once I’ve sweat out the flavors, will add some water and let it cook awhile.   When canning potato soup don’t add dairy, fat, or butter until ready to serve.  This makes the basic soup and then anything and everything can be added when ready to serve.

Once this batch is done it will be time to make the split pea and then some lentil.  Putting aside in the freezer the poultry carcasses for making another batch of stock.  Also have some nice round to make a good stew base.  Easy eats on cold winter nights, and even in Arizona we will have some!!

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