It can’t stay mild forever, can it?  Well, we cold have a mild winter.  The winter of 1998/1999 was so mild our petunias stayed in flower all winter. found themselves surprised by 7″ of snow on Easter Sunday april of ’99.

But I digress.  Not knowing when its going to hard freeze, spent this weekend organizing the greenhouse.  got most of the pots with flowers in there; repotting some and just adding fresh soil to others.  The Chrysanthemums had gotten pot bound  in their decorative pot in the main garden and they were cut back and repotted outside in the back.

Was given 8 of these 15 gallon tubs this year.  Yesterday put drainage holes in the bottoms.  3 went into the greenhouse and were planted with salad green seedlings.  Next spring four of them will be used for Pole beans.  Each pot holds about 2 cufeet of soil!!

Meanwhile, the big composter has run into another problem.  A plastic aerator piece has broken and gotten lost in the compost.  This also left a big hole for stuff to fall out of as I turn the bin.  Have made a jury-rigged repair, but need to get it taken care of.  Since I had it open, dumped more soil in there as I did the repotting.  Very full, but a lot of it is just soil, so it should compost quickly.

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