back to knitting

IMG_1165 (800x600)With the garden “put to bed” for the winter, back to knitting.  It took 2 weeks to make those big full knee sox.  several months to do the little pair of cute regular socks.  WHY? first my fingers/hands cramp up after about 10 rows with the big needles and the heavy yarn.  Then again, 10 rows is a couple of inches.  With the fine yarn and small needles, the cramps start about row 2 and that’s not even half an inch!  With the fine yarn, its more stitches per needle also, so just the number of stitches over those two rows is about the same as 10 rows of the heavy yarn!  and it takes soooo long to see visible progress that its just discouraging.

Now, having done several pairs of knee socks last winter and a few pairs of regular socks (both heavy and fine yarn), can say I’m not totally happy with how the toe part of the sock comes out.  Will just buy regular socks and make leg warmers.  When its really cold and I need the heavy sock, will pull them out, but for the rest of the time, the leg warmers should do – plus they’ll be easier to pull on and off when the days get warm but mornings and evenings are cool.

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