Winter arrived last weekend – or at least we had a good hard frost two nights in a row, with some mighty chilly days on top of that!  slowly warming up again,although today is supposed to be cloudy and stay that way for the next few days.  That means not so warm days with not so cool nights.  Plants in the greenhouse are happy-ish, that means warm and sort of growing; just waiting for the solstice and longer days to get going.  In the winter garden, the frost blanket has spared the winter greens from the worst.  all the broccoli seedlings have been eaten, and some of the lettuce seedlings just didn’t make it. others are growing nicely. There’s a bunch of volunteer garlic coming up in there too!

We finally bought a freezer.  Were holding off until the next growing season, but our nephew is stopping by from his job with NOAA, where he’s been stationed in Alaska.  He’s been fishing and freezing through the season and is taking home a big box of frozen fish.  Dropping some off with us, and needing a place to keep it all frozen while he visits.  So we bought a 7 cu foot freezer.  Have already moved all the frozen zucchini over and am now aware of how much I have.  More than I thought, and less than we need for a year. So glad we got the bigger unit (I was looking at a 3 cu footer!).

Local market had sirloin roast on sale, so got two.  One has been canned (3 pints) while I was canning two quarts of good bean soup I’d made that day.  Will make a good stew with the rest.

Have been organizing my canned goods and see the need to really get this organized in some way so I know what I have.  there are some things that I use but don’t grow enough of, like corn, and tomatoes.  now know I need to get more sauce on hand, and definately more cans of corn.  also more dried beans.  Found 4 quarts of chili, when I only thought there were two.  still some corned beef hash from last year.  need to work up the tomatoes I grew this year and am going to get them out of the freezer so they can get started.  One can drain off a lot of water from them as they defrost and set it aside for soup stock which is what I should do with it!

There is still some cranberry made from last thanksgiving and two big bags frozen in the freezer from a box we were given last year.  Im the only person in the house who likes it.

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