grow your own

for about amonth now, have been using as a scrubbie at the kitchen sink a piece of luffa (loofah) that I’d grown in the garden. It doesn’t work for cleaning off really burned on gunk off the stainless pots, but its great on the non-stick, glass, etc. Two of the three were still sitting out side in a basket and when I tried to peel a second, it fell apart completely. Haven’t tried the third one yet. It may have not been fully ripe when harvested? it might be because it has been frozen sitting outside? Could take all the fiberous bits and make a skin exfoliant lotion of something. or it will just go into the compost. if the third one falls apart the same way, will have no definitive answer, other than next year I’ll grow them in the greenhouse and hope to harvest them later in their cycle.

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