how did they do it?

Hubs isn’t feeling well today and he had been talking about getting in more wood this weekend. When I went outside to the pile, found out why; not much there
So I took it upon myself to pick up the Oregon Battery powered chainsaw we’d picked up earlier this year when we installed the wood burning insert into the fireplace. First time Ive used this, and I highly recommend it. With the High Capacity Lithium battery it holds a charge for you to do so much, and it takes 3 times longer than that to charge. And that leads to the question, How did they do it?

I’m an overweight, although in slightly better than average physical condition, 63 year old, and just cutting the last of the 6″ logs into burnable size had my arms aching! Some lunch and some aspirin, and I went back out and cut some more to bring into the yard. We have a BIG down tree, has been dead about 6 or 7 years, so we can cut and burn the wood without aging. Right now, I’m cutting off the top branches, pieces only 2″ or so in diameter. Did bring home one 4″ thick sapling though. While the battery is recharging, will gird my loins for cutting all this to length. We’ll use the thinner stuff through the day and leave the few big fat pieces for night time smoldering. tomorrow, I’ll go out and try to bring back the 6 or so feet of cleared trunk for cutting later.

This battery powered chain saw gives me, as a starting to become oldster, time to recharge MY batteries, while its own are on the charger. When I think of how much work it took for me to do the little I have, wonder how a woman my age would have managed to cut her own wood for a winter season using only an axe and handsaw! Even working steadily throughout the year, it would have been back breaking work! PLUS she would have all her other chores to do. A married woman wouldn’t have it much easier, as the couple would have had a full day of work to do without adding this chore to it. Of course, if she was strong enough, they could have used a two person buck saw to get more done, but still, that would have just been bigger and heavier pieces.

No doubt, as we talk about homesteading and self-reliance, Im not sure most of us really have what it takes to get out there and really do the work it takes without modern tools.

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