ecofan JOI

if you don’t have an ECOFAN yet, please let me recommend that you do. Yes they are pricey. and they work! When they first came out, a couple of decades ago, got one for our woodstove. was awed and amazed at the difference in the room with this thing sitting up there quietly doing its thing. When we moved to AZ, brought it with us and used it on the wood stove in our new house. Then we moved here where we had a fireplace but no stove :(. and ultimately we gave it to someone we know who heats his entire house from his stove.

Then we got our fireplace insert. and the blower on that thing is annoyingly noisey! So borrowed back the ecofan and it worked just fine. Since then, they’ve come out with other models, in different sizes for different purposes. Picked up the small one, same size as our original, on Amazon and it was delivered today. It is now sitting on the insert turning away nicely spreading the heat.


Enclosed is a flyer for a new product using the same technology for something called JOI, which uses the heat from one tea light candle to power an LED light! Its not going to be like a 100W light bulb, but would probably be enough to read a book or do knitting! probably expensive, then again, what qualifies as expensive these days?

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