top bar hive

The hive box was delivered today

front entrance

front entrance

this shows the opening for the bees, which I have to make smaller until the bees are fully settled in
view window

view window

thru the window you can see the false back, this being the location for when the bees are added to the hive. Bees don’t come until the weather is warmer, late April.
IMG_1223 (1024x768)
the false back and one of the top bars pulled out. The bars still have to be waxed, although that will probably wait until closer to bee arrival, just in case some curious feral bees find it and think it might make a good home for a swarm – not that that would be bad, but then what would I do with the bees coming in?
detail of top

detail of top

the top is red cedar. the body of the hive is ponderosa pine that was downed in a bad storm a few years ago and locally milled. the paint is milk paint, while the top has tong oil. There is some odor with this box still, so am glad once again I went for the earlier delivery of the box. In the next few days I’ll experiment with the block that will be the base/support. Find the right height, the exact right location, etc. Buying no further tools until closer in to April, and then only a bee hat. Shouldn’t need a smoker, and other tools won’t be necessary until I have to open the hive later in the year.

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  1. Love the look of this hive!

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