have been saving water from our bathtub, 2 gallons at a time.  This is not used water, but water we’ve run in the tub while we wait for the hot water to come up (yes, have an instant hot water heater, but the bathroom in question is about 1/4 mile down the road).  Once the hot water is running through the pipes, turn on the shower.  Then I pump the water out of the tub into jugs and put it in storage barrels.  The 50 gallon one in the greenhouse is almost full, so am now filling a 15gallon garbage can (bought for this purpose years ago).  One is close to being full, so will be starting the other one soon.  We’re having an almost decent winter, and the cloudy cool days have meant the plants in the greenhouse don’t need to be watered as often, so am saving even more.  The more that gets saved now, the less that has to be “bought” later when the seedlings are in.  Then I’ll be using the water a lot faster than what can be harvested.

Not ready to hook these into the drains, which is a shame.  Last weekend (or was it the one before?) we had 2.7″ of rain. Will let you do the math of how much came off the 5400 square foot roof!!  Could probably have done the garden for the season from that alone!

The weather is so unpredictable now, that am not sure if its worth investing in more water butts.  Have found a company in CA that is selling 100 gallon ones for only $108each.  Shipping though is $180 for one unit.  It is also $180 for four units.  since most 100 gallon butts are $500ish plus shipping, that’s really cheap.  For $700, could get for shipped in.  But what quality if they are that much cheaper????

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