Let the gardening begin!

Barrel composters are great, but they do not break down the garden litter as well as a good old hot pile left sitting for 3 years!  So with much sifting, got a goodly amount of compost plus a small pile of stalks and roots that went into the forest.  Then cleaned out the tomato bed from last year.  yes, it was just sitting there looking forlorn and miserable.  Pulled the weeds I’d let go, then cleaned out the various grow bags that were used last year too.  Moved the hose reel and took one of the new big pots and planted snap peas.  Only 1/2 package.  if i see them sprouting in a couple of weeks, will plant another package.  Trying these in the eastern garden area, its a little cooler than my main garden where peas have never done well.  Snow is expected on Wednesday and hope to have garden amendments in before that.  Did not get to the seed starting today other than the peas, but did go through the seeds and started sorting out what I have and will begin planning on what to get started, and how many of each.  My clean up has created another shady area that can also accomodate some pots; that’s shady as in partial sun compared to full on all day hot hot arizona sun.  Might be a good place for some broccoli

This was one of the nice days so ended up working in a tank top.  by the time the last dog walk is done, I’ll be back to a long sleeve sweater and winter coat!!

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