Running out of room!!

We work from home, and fortunately for us, our business has become quite successful.  That also means its taking up 2 full rooms in the house now, and we have had to create a third room out of our main entrance foyer.  Since we have other entrance ways, we’ve locked the front door and that’s that.

At the same time the equipment and parts for the business have taken over the storage shed.  originally intended to be my pottery studio, that’s all gone now.  All that’s left in there of my stuff is a cabinet full of canning jars.  starting in late spring as I begin canning fruits, I need them.  Then into fall with canning veggies and soups for the winter.  Then through the winter, the jars get emptied, cleaned and go back.  Its getting harder and harder to get into that cabinet, nearly dropped many glass jars today tiptoeing through the car parts.

Have now ordered an outdoor storage bench that will sit along side the house here on the west side to hold all my canning gear – from the two canners to all the jars, to most of the lids.  When it comes in, if it is as nice as it is supposed to be, will post pictures.

And the business can have the cabinet for more car parts . . .

Did order a solar powered fountain bird bath for the back yard too.  The one back there broke and am going to convert that for something for the bees.

Usually, like to be frugal and make do (like the cooler I bought at the thrift for holding my gardening stuff in the eastern garden area), but for this needed some good pieces that will hopefully withstand the arizona sun.

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