making more room

Ordered this storage container from Amazon.  at $176 (tax included, free shipping), it wasn’t cheap, then again, in comparison with others of lesser quality, its not bad.  First off, its made in the USA! actually!  It has a metal reinforce band across the top of the lid so it doesn’t flex.  Metal hinges and real shocks to keep it from tipping back or slamming shut. also has metal brackets to reinforce the corners. In the picture there are 7 boxes of canning jars, my pressure canner, my water bath canner and three of my largest stainless stock pots (which mostly get used during canning season!)  There is still room in there for more, which is good, because there IS more to be put in here.  measures 5 of my feet lengths, about 57”.  the molded plastic probably takes up 4 of those inches, so its just about 54” inside.  Good size.  Now, lets see how it takes the AZ sun!  No, I’ll probably cover it with a tarp or something. But just finished putting it together and started loading it up.

IMG_1237 (1024x768)IMG_1238 (1024x768)

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