comfrey and the container garden


The creatures of the forest were heading right for my garden this year, could follow the mounds of dirt for their tunnels just coming closer and closer.  So decided to pull out all the containers and put down wire and heavy duty ground cover and pallets for the containers (and when I did discovered two tunnels already!).  Emptied, or nearly so, all the grow bags and moved them out including the comfrey.  Because it is so invasive, keep it in a medium sized grow bag and thin it each year.  To do this move, had to pretty much empty the bag and when I moved the bag next to it, look at the roots I found!

IMG_1241 (768x1024)

When the majority of them were harvested, this is how much I had.  Didn’t weigh it, not more than a few ounces anyway.

IMG_1242 (1024x768)

This picture below is the same amount dried!  sure does shrink down

IMG_1248 (1024x768)

Anyway, have all the work done in the container garden now, except putting the dirt back into the grow bags.  A lot more room for containers out there, much less room for feet.  But it is about the growing!  While using the containers is a certain amount more labor, really enjoy working them.  the grow bags particularly.  think I actually plant closer together, as each plant has its own space.  sort of like square foot growing.  Guess I should put that down in my other garden spaces so I can really tell instead of being approximate, but doubt that I will Smile

The big negative with the containers is that they have to have the soil rotated out.  dig it out, and put in fresh compost.  It also seems to make it easier to rotate the crops.  Then again, that’s how the container garden came about, not enough room in the two original main beds for rotation.  Now I have plenty of space and can not only rotate, but can plant successive crops. 

Sometimes I’m glad DH doesn’t like things like Cabbage and Cauliflower much, as they would take up so much growing room.  Kale is coming to our garden though and that will take up plenty of space

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