Have been reading some of my favorite blogs this morning – Root Simple, Weeding for Godot, Holy Scrap Hot Springs – and have realized a big HUGE difference between what they all are doing and what I’m doing. They are all working towards their goals as a team. They have converted their homes, be they a small lot in LA or an acre or so in NM, to what they both are dreaming about. Here, my DH is still very appearance conscious. And as much as he enjoys showing off my veggie garden and the greenhouse, he also wants to backyard to look like a backyard and the front of the house to look like an ordinary home in the neighborhood. So no big rain barrels, or veggies in the much larger area of the front yard. Instead, it sits barren.

Now, on one hand I agree with him, as the front yard would have to have major fencing as the Javelina roam through the area at night. Also, we do have a decent home business that has nothing to do with homesteading (we restore carburetors for vintage cars), and he wants us to remain low profile in our residential neighborhood. Our back yard is small and being the desert, I don’t want to chop out the naturilized vegetation either. So am filling the natural spaces with various types and styles of growing areas; all of them being a variation of container growing. Just some of the containers are really big!!

But it does mean no chicken coop. Not sure I’m ready for killing and skinning rabbits – not sure I could handle killing chickens, but fresh eggs would be nice. And I’ll borrow land for the bee hive and the container garden to expand our abilities.

So meanwhile, I’m doing what I can to help us eat better, and keep up the appearance he wants us to present.

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3 Responses to compromises

  1. I am in an historic neighborhood and have a 10’x10′ dog fence for my two hens. I am down from four. Two hens provide all the eggs I can handle. I am sure you can get a prettier fence for the hens than chain link. RIR are very quiet if you don’t get roosters. My hens get out some everyday to eat grass. On days they don’t get out, greens from the kitchen work. Hens need green grass or green vegetables to make Omega3, used to treat and prevent heart disease. So, look at this as medicinal. Hens are so quiet except when they lay an egg, still quieter than a dog. Hens are not making noise at night like dogs do.

  2. My hens live and lay eggs in a Rubbermaid box inside the little fence. You do not need a coop, honest.

    • morgaineotm says:

      Thanks for both your comments. We live in the desert, with a dog, who doesn’t like much except us . . . . so we would have to protect our girls from the basic racoons, skunks, and the dog, all the way up to Coyotes, bobcats, and the occassional mountain lion. and there’s no grass to speak of. Do know folks who keep chickens, and I could have snuck in a spot, but decided to put a raised bed and just grow more food 🙂

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