garden updates

Already time to be UPDATING the events of the garden.  Some new stuff this year

(1) MUST use dechlorinated water in the garden.  This year started seriously saving water. have posted on this before, recycling the water run while waiting for the hot water to flow in the shower.  all this sitting around of the water gives a chance for the chlorine to evaporate.  Now chlorine is temperature unstable and so will move off fairly quickly.  How do I know this is making a difference?  First off, much better growth in my outside winter garden even though it was a harsher and colder winter than last. secondly, seedling germination far exceeds last year when all I used was city water.  Last year had ZERO germination of calendula, marigolds, and extremely poor germination of broccali and spinach.  This year every body is just busting out. now consider I’m using seeds from the same lots I used last year.  another year older shouldn’t make them than much better!  and seedlings are stronger.  Last night took 6 of the broccali from the greenhouse, these are just seedling leaves, and put them into the outside garden with no additional watering.  this morning only one has even wilted!

(2) MOLES are back.  When I redid the container area collapsed two tunnels that I found out there. but they’ve managed to come into the outer garden area. no “food” grown out there, use it for plants to attract pollinators – bee balm, lemon balm, penstemon, mugwort, etc.  There were two hills out there yesterday morning and after collpasing them, a third popped up.  Put poison down the run, but they dug that back up to the serface.  So last night it was Gopher Gasser time.  no activity this morning but must be vigilent or I’ll lose a lot of food.

(3) got the comfrey replanted

(4) transplanted my chard from the greenhouse to the outside garden and moved the big 15 gallon pot over to the eastern planting area and will put some peas in that as the peas planted a few weeks ago (actually closer to a month now) are starting to come up.

(5) have ordered a water butt, 65 gallons, for the main garden.  will fill it with city water and let it dechlorinate and then use that for watering the garden, and cycle it through that way

(6) winter kale is starting to flower so will pull those and make some kale chips and can use the space for spring spinach.

(7) need to get to work and stop futzing around with the comp uter!

(6) the bottom board on the beehive has split.  No bees in it, but this is why I wanted it early.  also the milk paint they used on it is doing weird stuff.  The hive maker is just starting to use colored paints, so guess I was guinea pig on that one.

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One Response to garden updates

  1. sccliving says:

    It makes me smile to know I’m not the only one running full throttle right now! Good work!

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