glass swizzle sticks

This weekend made a batch of my skin creme.  Feels good, and think this might be my standard from here on in:

in a 2C pyrex measuring cup, filled with calendula blossoms and dried comfrey root (in this case from my garden), then filled with equal measure of grapeseed oil, almond oil, and coconut oil.  Steeped on heat (I use a simmer mat to protect the glass, a doubleboiler set up would work equally well) off an on for two days, then strained.  Total was just about 2C of oil.  1/2 put aside for another day, the other half went back on heat and added 3oz raw shea butter.  Cocoa butter would also be a good choice. then added 1-1/2oz of raw beeswax.  This made the finished product stiff, 1oz would have made a softer creme, but its still good.  Then when all was melted thoroughly, took it off heat.  Was a total of about 1C 3oz.  Should have added some essential oil for scent or energy vibration at this point, but forgot, oh well.  Began to whip oil mix while adding Aloe Vera juice/gel. total of about 6pz.  Have made it an equal amount to the oil in the past and had it separate.  was it because it was too much non-oil?  or just didn’t whip it enough?  May never know.  In this case, gave it several minutes as it whipped up and began to cool.  Then was poured into sterilized jars.

This AM used the left over coating the cup after my shower.  There’s enough in there for at least one more body coat.  Time will tell if what’s in the jars will separate.  Wasn’t as greasy as when I make it with Olive oil, and feels good on the skin.

So what does this have to do with glass swizzle sticks?  That’s what I used to stir the oils with the plant material.  When I got to other stages, that one was dirty and where were my others?  They are non-pourous, and I like them better than metal when stiring potions and lotions.  Finally took apart my silverware drawer and found them tucked in the back.  From parents (and a by gone era) have them in clear, one cobalt and two amethyst colored.  Occassionally see them in the thrift.  Have now cleaned them all and put them in a bag together. 

As an alternative use wood skewers and they can go into the compost, but really like the glass.

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