garden updates



IMG_1250 (1024x768)chard that was planted in the garden last fall, and some poor looking plants that got transplanted into it a couple of weeks ago.  They were well rooted in a big pot and haven’t taken well to the transplant at all.  But they are looking like they will survive

IMG_1251 (1024x768)lettuce, isn’t the color of this romaine incredible!  in the middle of the circle are a few seedlings transplanted a couple of weeks ago

IMG_1252 (768x1024)the new water butt.  From a company called GoodIdeas, made in the USA, this is supposed to be a 65 gallon unit, with shipping, $119.50 bought direct.  comes in colors and they have some other interesting items.  Will hook this up to some soaker hoses in a bit.  Behind it is my container area, that little green in the corner is some mugwort that’s hanging on.  The frost blanket is down now, because as you can see from the other photos, the sun is strong.  at this time of year, its shade cloth Smile

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