planted the rest of the lettuce seedlings.  Some went into the big planter that I’d bought for strawberries – but have not yet bought strawberry seedlings.  Two long planters, and one of the big round ones have gone under trees, into shady/mottled sun areas that will stay cooler as the warm weather comes upon us.  Hopefully it will be enough sun.  If it looks like it won’t, will move them to a slightly sunnier spot.  They each have plastic fencing around them to protect them from little critters.

Planted one self sprouted potato.  have had some success with type of sprouted commercial potato, but not consistent.  This one went into  a white large plastic planter in a sunny area. Why not?  Tomorrow should be getting my purchased seed potatoes. 

Seedlings are doing well in the greenhouse.  The zuchinni planted in wall o waters are doing really well.  Even though I see mesquite sprouting, held off putting anything else out and glad I did.  a storm front blew through north of us and it brought some windy cool weather.  Even had something that was a cross between snow and hail today!  pulled the frost blankets over the garden bed just in case it gets really cold tonight.

Need to get some of the flowers planted this weekend into 6 packs.

Bees come Saturday.  Maybe too late  to hive them though, otherwise will have to wait until Sunday.

WordPress  has change the way they  are saving posts, and it takes forever on the original screen to type up a message and save it every 3 letters! don’t know why they don’t come to this “edit” screen first like it used to 

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